MOKOSH Firming Serum Orange

MOKOSH Firming Serum Orange

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12 ml

A firming oil serum for face care has been created using macerate  from orange flowers and macerate from Indian fig opuntia with  natural essential oils from oranges and tea tree. It efficiently  supports the fight against lack of skin firmness and the passing  time.

Macerates from orange flowers and Indian fig opuntia  revitalize the skin, soothe irritations and redness as well as  improve the structure of the hydrolipid film. Additionally, the  essential orange oil positively affects flexibility of the skin and tea  tree oil acts against bacteria reducing the risk of inflammations. 

Natural plant oils: argan, evening primrose, sweet almonds  moisturize the skin and act as antioxidants. The serum is  characterized by a subtle orange fragrance with a delicate herbal  note.

We recommend using the serum at least once a day in the evening after thoroughly washing the skin. Massage the serum with circular movements in the skin of the face, neck and cleavage , omitting the area of ​​the eyes.


  • The serum should not be used by pregnant women and nursing mothers because of the content of essential oils in the serum and in the case of intolerance to any of the ingredients.
  • Do not use before exposing the skin to UV radiation (sun, indor tanning).
  • The serum should not be used together with acidic treatments (chemical peels) or with retinol (both oral and external).
  • Before the first use of the serum, a skin test should be performed to exclude allergy to any of its components.

100% Vegan.