Resibo Soothing Lip Balm - LIP LIP HOORAY
Resibo Soothing Lip Balm - LIP LIP HOORAY

Resibo Soothing Lip Balm - LIP LIP HOORAY

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7 ml


A composition of natural ingredients, carefully selected just to actively protect, moisture, nourish and regenerate sensitive and demanding skin of your lips.

LIPerfection, an extract of yellow mustard germs, makes your lips supple and filled, when used for a longer period of time. It contains ACTICIRE® – an unique combination of natural, plant-derived waxes of mimosa, jojoba and sunflower that moisturises and nourishes your lips, leaving behind a light, non-greasy film protecting from water loss.

The effect is boosted by oil occlusion – a strong, effective occlusion layer of a combination of sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, Abyssinian oil, and shea butter that together protect lip skin from external factors. Neroli oil strengthens walls of blood vessels, facilitating performance of LIPerfection and other ingredients.

Sweetness of stevia makes you use it more often, so you take care of your sensitive lips more regularly, too. The fresh scent of mango makes the application even more pleasant. 


Well-cared, healthy and juicy lips. Lip lip hooray! Increases moisture level and intensively firms your lips. Has a real balm effect – soothes cracked skin, relieves irritations and prevents dry flakes. Provides effective protection throughout the day and intensive regeneration at night.


Apply a small amount of the lip balm on your lips. Use as often as needed. For severely irritated, cracked skin apply a thick layer and leave overnight, just like a face mask.


For everybody, especially when prone to lip chapping, overdrying and flaking.


LIPerfection – an extract of yellow mustard germs

Contains myrosinase, an enzyme that provides the bitter taste of yellow mustard that activates sinalbin that increases blood flow in skin and mucous membranes. The result are smoother, moisturised, and significantly suppler lips.


Abyssinian oil, shea butter, waxes of mimosa flowers, jojoba and sunflower, almond wax, rapeseed oil, vitamin E