Veoli Botanica Gommage Mask With Brightening Effect "FEED AND ROLL"

Veoli Botanica Gommage Mask With Brightening Effect "FEED AND ROLL"

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gommage mask with brightening effect(90 ml)

 97,58% ingredients of natural origin

Thoroughly cleanses, nourishes, smooths, and sooths the skin. Eliminates micro-wrinkles and restores natural softness and suppleness. Effectively smooths color and texture and applies minerals. Complexion becomes silky smooth and slightly matte, looking healthy and youthful.
Recommended for all skin types, including sensitive and easily irritated skin.

Most important active ingredients:
GEMMOCALM® – relief for irritated skin | Active extract from blackcurrant buds that alleviates irritations and soothes skin.
KAOLIN (porcelain clay) – brightening minerals | The most subtle and gentle mask that can also be used on skin prone to irritations. Cleanses the skin exceptionally well and leaves it smooth and flexible.
POLYPLANT RED FRUITS – shield protecting the natural color| Complex of natural fruit extracts blocking free radicals. Protects the skin against photo-aging.

How to use:
Method 1
: Apply thin layer to the clean skin and leave so it can absorb properly. After 20-25 minutes roll up gently with the fingertips and remove completely. Wash off the remains with warm water.
Method 2
: Apply thin layer to the face, outline of eyes, neck, and shoulders.
Desired effects:
For special occasions
: leave for 5 minutes.
: every day keep on for 5 minutes for 8 to 15 days.
Home SPA
: once or twice a week keep on for 15 minutes. Wash off the remains with water or remove with tonic and gently dry the skin.

Storage conditions: Keep at room temperature in the original, tightly closed container away out of reach of children. Keep away from direct sunlight.