About Us

   In our daily lifestyle, our skin is exposed to many negative factors: lack of sleep, stress, poor diet, polluted air and many others. There is only one help in this situation - nature.

  Hi. I’m Aga and I would like to invite you to an adventure with nature. Skincare products we offer are intelligently hidden in ecological packaging.

 We believe that natural care should be diverse, effective and available to everyone. Our business partners are inspired by the treasures of nature: forest, land, sea and even glacier water.

  Skin Flower store was born out of passion for a healthy lifestyle. We want to share the joy of nature with you.

   The products we offer in our store are natural skincare products that you will love from the first moment. Guided by the choice, we focused on modern technologies and natural, carefully selected ingredients.

   When we were creating Skinflower, we focused on proven, exceptional and unique natural products.

   All products that we offer in our store are products that I can highly recommend to every woman.