MOKOSH Collagen Salt
MOKOSH Collagen Salt

MOKOSH Collagen Salt

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Iodine-bromine salt from Polish mains with collagen concentrate  regenerates and smoothing the skin. Improves skin hydration and  elasticity. Collagen contained in the salt prevents anti-aging  process and regenerates after physical effort. Collagen salt is  successfully used in the treatment of cellulite.

Cosmetic effects:

•It moisturizes, nourishes and regenerates

•Smoothes and tightens the skin

•Regenerates after physical effort

•Prevents anti-aging process

Suggested use:

Cosmetic bath, therapeutic (saline) bath - pour some salt in the warm flowing tap water. For saline bathe use a minimum of 1 kg of salt for 100 l of water.

Body scrub - with the use of the salt itself, or mixed with some Mokosh essential oil and / or Mokosh essential oil.